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Kick-off Conference – Starting the Business Year Right!

Christmas has been and gone – your employees and colleagues are all sharing embarrassing stories, showing off their gifts, and attempting to convince their peers that this year will be different…’New year, new me!’, so on and so forth. Here at Limes Country Lodge, we understand and appreciate that it can sometimes be difficult to motivate your workforce after they’ve just indulged in a few weeks of festivities. That’s why we’re here to offer a few tips on how to pull off a successful kick-off conference, helping point your business in the right direction for the new year.

Our first piece of advice? Focus on easing everybody back into their routine. It can admittedly be a little difficulty settling back into the 9-5 life; Rome wasn’t built in a single day. Many of your employees won’t have seen each other in a while so a few team-building exercises and a moment for them to catch-up will work wonders! Think outside the box! It’s worth keeping in mind that, according to the Sales Executive Council, sales reps forget up to a staggering 87% of their training content they receive just one month after their kick-off conference – you’re not going to engage your team by immediately talking shop at them. Maybe setting a theme for the day will help breathe some life into what would be an otherwise bland affair.

With that in mind, remind them of their past achievements and reflect on the previous business year. How did you fare against your competitors? Did one department or sector out-perform the others? Congratulate them! Make it clear from the get-go that hard work does not go unnoticed.

Inform everybody of what the company hopes to achieve in the coming months, and most importantly: establish goals accordingly! Giving your staff or departments something to work towards will help them maintain a focus and hopefully motivate them. More personal, individual goals for your workforce will ensure that everybody has something to aim for, and they can all enjoy a sense of accomplishment throughout the year as they one-up last year’s performance. Without anything to reach for, employees may end up feeling unappreciated and undervalued.

Limes Country Lodge is the ideal setting for your Kick-Off Conference. Set in over six acres of stunning Warwickshire countryside, with state of the art conference facilities to cater for 2 – 200 delegates. We have complimentary onsite parking and are situated on the doorstep of the Midlands motorway network. Kick-start your business year the right way!


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