All About Garnet – The Birthstone Of January

So what is Garnet? A common red stone? Nope, its a family of gemstones of many different colours including red, orange, green, pink purple to yellow. Therefore it is often said it reflects the colourful and lively personalities of those people born in January.

The word Garnet is derived from the 14th Century English word Garnet, meaning dark red. It is mined in many locations in the world, including The US, Tanzania, Russia, Sri Lanka and India to name a few.

Garnet reaches its use in jewellery as far back as the Roman era and was often favored by nobility in the Middle Ages.

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Garnet also symbolizes connections of friendship and love and is believed to help energy levels and vitality. Ancient warriors even used them for protection and even used them for the purpose of healing their wounds! In medieval times they were used to protect against poisons and bad dreams.


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