Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day Dos and Don’ts

Love is in the air, and on this, one of the most important days to showcase your love for one another, you’re no doubt chomping at the bit to put on your romantic thinking cap and do something extravagant. Though, maybe you ought to take a step back and think things through before you book couple’s skydiving sessions…

Here at The Limes Country Lodge, we understand you want to pull out all the stops for your loved one. This is, after all, a time to celebrate your love and show how much you mean to each other. That being said, whilst many before you have pulled off the perfect Valentine’s Day, (and it is achievable!), there’s arguably a great deal more of us out there who have stumbled our way through, one disaster after the next. And let us not forget those currently without partners, who scowl and scoff at the faintest mention of the lover’s holiday.
With that in mind, we’ve devised a few dos and don’ts for you to take heed of!

Let’s start with the dos!

Here in the real world, not everybody can take the day off work. If your significant other is stuck at the office under a mound of paperwork, send them a gift at their workplace! Show them in front of their colleagues that they’re loved and appreciated this Valentine’s Day.
If possible, stagger your gifts! Smaller gifts spread throughout the day will help maintain their happy mood and keep them guessing! You can also make it into a fun little treasure hunt, although, try not to go overboard if you do. There is a limit to everybody’s enthusiasm and patience.

Most importantly, remember that the devil is in the details. Little extras go a long way – if you’re going out together, take the extra time to smarten up and look your best! Compliment their outfit! Help with any chores/duties they may have!
You’re off to a great start!

Now for the don’ts, though…
Don’t spend too much – especially if you have a shared bank account. You can’t enjoy yourself if you’re worried about eating beans for the next week.

Don’t expect the world. TV has spoiled us – you’re setting unrealistic expectations when you’re stood there waiting for a horse-drawn carriage to chauffeur you around town.

Don’t so much as even look at your phone, if you can help it. Your phone will still be there at the end of the day – focus all of your attention on your partner. They will remember this!

Whatever your plans are this Valentine’s Day, Limes Country Lodge has something for everyone, whether it’s a cutesy little lunch or romantic valentines day dinner for two, or even a relaxing night away – we’ve got you covered! Take a look on our website for more details.


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